Peripheral Neuropathy

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My neurologist told me he could not help my neuropathy when the drugs did not work…
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I limped with pain and numbness for a long time. Now I can walk normal!YouTube Preview Image

Peripheral neuropathy does not only happen to diabetics.


Neuropathy can be caused be many different systems in your body.

Neuropathy is when you have damage to a nerve in the peripheral nervous system.  Many different symptoms can appear: weakness, numbness, tingling, burning, sensitivity to touch, sensitivity to cold or heat and even paralysis.

Most doctors don’t know exactly why, if you’re not a diabetic, you are suffering…here is part of the answer…

Your symptoms in your feet may be due to tight ligaments in the pelvic area…like with meralgia paresthetica.  Or it may be due to a weak area in the brain.  In some cases, I’ve helped people get relief from neuropathy because the neuropathy was due to an imbalance in the brain. This imbalance took place in the cerebellum or a weak parietal lobe or both.

The brain controls your whole body.  Different parts of the brain control the peripheral nervous system.

You may be suffering an attack on the nervous system because you have an autoimmune disorder.  Your immune system may be attacking allergens and then it cannot turn off the fight…and it turns on itself.  You may have a dysregulated immune system that needs help.

Others may have the neuropathy because of medications like Lipitor and other cholesterol medications.

And others may suffer from neuropathy because of spinal stenosis.

We need to use a completely different approach to determine what is the cause of your individual condition.  That is, instead of just prescribing you useless drugs like Lyrica or Neurontin. (these drugs are really made for epilepsy patients…they actually slow down brain function)

We use a combination of unilateral spinal adjusting, blood based nutrition, infrared treatment, whole body vibration, oxygen, trigger point massage and other brain-based therapies to address peripheral neuropathy in a very dynamic way. Why not restore normal nerve communication, function and health by healing from the inside out?

Our Perpheral Neuropathy Pain Relief Program is a  painless and non-invasive treatment which has provided relief for many patients without the use of medications such as Lyrica, Neurontin, Cymbalta and others.  Just watch two successful videos of my patients at the top of this page.

No matter what the condition, it is imperative that we perform a thorough and comprehensive exam to determine the exact nature of the patient’s condition.

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